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Mission Statement

Our objective is to have all of our sites reflect what the "Internet community and population" want not only what the search engine ranking entities look for. This means that regardless of ranking, we focus on increasing your traffic numbers so that you can optimize your website and the dollars you invest in building your website business. We do this by providing increased visibility or "exposure" which over time will increase the total number of visitors to your site and thereby your chance for more business for your company.

Company History Our company began operations in 1996 when William "Bill" Boyer, the founder, registered and launched "The Orlando Mall" website. At that time the Internet was in its infancy worldwide so the website served as a springboard to develop the company's basic marketing program. From 1998 to December 2007 Bill launched thirteen more websites. These include two job sites - and - that currently receive in excess of 120,000 visitors monthly. These are the website descriptions:

Name/URLs Theme Launch Date
1. Shopping Directory 9/21/96
2. Environmental Directory 8/01/98
3. General Job & Resume 12/09/98
4. Medical Job & Resume 2/23/00
5. Shopping Directory 4/04/00
6. Shopping Directory 4/04/00
7. Shopping Directory 2/02/02
8. Shopping Directory 2/26/04
9. Shopping Directory 2/26/04
10. Shopping Directory 11/20/04
11. Garden Supplies Directory 5/08/04
12. Health, & Beauty Supplies Directory 1/20/05
13. Lifestyles 1/20/06
14. Main site for Adman Promotional Company 12/17/07

In everything there is a hidden positive benefit and for Bill as a result of his efforts he became a self-taught web master and accomplished "online" marketer.

Over the past couple of years the Internet became very sensitive to keywords and ranking. This led to Bill adding web optimization services. This combined with the 100-link package program was going well. Then in April 2005 the company experienced a significant loss when the Internet ranking companies (i.e. GOOGLE probably the most popular ranking entity) changed the formula for being ranked on the Internet. This affected hundreds of companies dramatically and caused a down turn in the company's business volume. Since then business has improved again probably because the economic crash of 2009 caused people to start thinking about creating their own business since jobs were so hard to find. We specialize in helping small businesses survive and thrive.

William "Bill" Boyer

Bill is the founder of Adman Promotion Company and is the web master and technical director for the company. He career started with training as an electronics technician in the U. S. Navy while stationed in the Philippine Islands at the time that the Tet offensive started the Viet Nam conflict. He later worked as a wave-guide technician for Bendix Field Engineering Corporation on the Apollo program they had going on in Bermuda. After that stint he became involved in sales of many different products from Kirby vacuum cleaners to insurance. In 1992 Bill learned about advertising when he was responsible for place ads for several companies involved in selling travel packages related to the timeshare industry. This led to his job working with Unique Travel Services where he managed an advertising budget in excess of $3 million dollars annually. His business ownership and management experience also includes work with T-shirts Etc.; a mail order publication called Bill's Bulletin; and "Florida Home Journal" a real estate publication in Orlando.

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