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Price: 24.95

Indulge Your Creative Cravings. Are you passionately curious? Let Kaleidoscope open new doors of creativity as you explore dozens of stories, exercises and instructive projects, all designed to feed, encourage and sometimes flex your creative muscle. Between the beautiful pages of this book, you and 39;ll tap into the joy of drawing, be encouraged to create art in bed, create your own folded-paper shrine, discover the liberation of stream-writing, practice idea brainstorming, make your own duct-tape purse, learn to quiet the negative voice in your head, dream up your own creative studio space and much, much more.

The Complete Book Of Retro Crafts

Price: 14.95

Collecting, Displaying and Making Crafts of the Past Baby boomers feeling nostalgic, hipsters longing for the handmade, and anyone interested in going retro can stop right here. This is the definitive guide to the fun and quirky world of retro crafts, written by a diva of the style. It and 39;s jam-packed with history and wonderful images from vintage pamphlets, collections, and flea market hunts. Everything memorable is included, from the ridiculous to the sublime, along with the lowdown on collecting, Junking 101, and creating a crafting group. Forty retro-inspired projects run the gamut from glitter frames and matchbox purses to bottlecap men and teacup ladies, plus lovable Plastic Flower Pixies; the Sparkling Sputnik and its desk-top compadre, the Beauty Orb; and the unforgettable Reinbeer. Variations and creative suggestions will keep readers inspired.

Crafting Personal Shrines

Price: 14.95

Using Photos, Mementos and Treasures to Create Artful Displays Creating a personal shrine is a meaningful way to commemorate special moments and people, and an artistically satisfying project. Carol Owen, a shrine maker for more than 20 years, offers easy instructions and inspiring photographs that will guide anyone through the process. The work begins with a basic frame for mounting treasured mementos. Then it teaches how to create doors, shelves, drawers, and other architectural features. There are suggestions on embellishments to personalize the shrine, and even ideas for possible objects to include. In addition to the author, eight renowned shrine artists provide hands-on information about how they create their distinctive structures, and another two dozen experts offer insights into their creative practices. The vibrant gallery of work will spark anyone and 39;s imagination.

Pattern Motifs

Price: 17.95

Woodworkers, quilters, glass painters, and other artisans will welcome this awe-inspiring collection of motifs. Thousands of choices—all suitable for reducing or enlarging—range from simple interlacings, braidings, and basket weaves to intricate tartan, paisley, art deco, and arabesque patterns. Varied and beautiful, they also take inspiration from a variety of cultures and historical periods, including ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Gothic, and Chinese, as well as contemporary Islamic, African, Asian, Indian, Native American, and Aboriginal. A special topical index makes it quick and easy to locate a desired mood or difficulty level from all the available designs. Author Graham McCallums fine draftsmanship makes this large resource an essential addition to the library of every designer and crafter.

Button. Button.

Price: 17.95

50 Cute and Crafty Projects Whether theyre candy-colored plastic or retro-chic, buttons seem to go everywhere these days delightfully decorating jewelry, embellishing home décor, and more. And anyone who knows how to use glue and do basic stitching and stringing can complete these 50 stylish, versatile projects with no problem at all. Button up a simple lampshade so that the light creates a fabulous graphic pattern of silhouettes. Craft a boutique-worthy brooch out of tiny vintage Bakelite bird buttons embroidered on felt ovals and set it in a sterling silver pre-made pin. The clean, contemporary photography that showcases the projects will appeal to todays crafter—and amusing tidbits focus on such fun topics as button museums, the self-proclaimed Button King, and button lingo.

4000 Animal, Bird And Fish Motifs

Price: 17.95

With the same hallmarks of the author and 39;s successful 4,000 Flower and Plant Motifs, this unique source of zoomorphic motifs will thrill animal-loving crafters everywhere. The images in this sourcebook--presented in a variety of artistic styles and from a range of cultures--are organized around specific types of animal, as well as historical periods, for easy reference. All the high-quality and original illustrations are displayed so they can be enlarged, scanned, or photocopied for work in any creative pursuit, whether it and 39;s woodworking, embroidery, quilting, graphic design, or other fields. Finally, an introductory design class by the author shows readers how to get the most out of the artwork and make their projects come to vivid life.

Link It.

Price: 17.95

Colorful Chain Mail Jewelry with Rubber O-Rings Jewelry enthusiasts, metal workers, beaders, and general crafters have fallen in love with the elegant lines of chain mail. And with this attractive resource, they have a wonderful and easy new way to mimic its look and make unique, eye-catching necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. All it takes are flexible, colorful neoprene O-rings, woven together into basic units, then joined together with metal jump rings. The 26 projects are bright and beautiful imagine playful blue and yellow earrings dangling from French wire, an intricate bracelet in lavender and white with a charming floral focus bead, or a bold copper wrist cuff. Of course, each project features superb close-up how-to photography illustrating the various stages of construction from start to finish.

The Complete Metalsmith

Price: 15.95

An Illustrated Handbook Learn the techniques of working with gold, platinum, copper, brass, steel, plaster, and more. This comprehensive guide is an easy-to-use resource no metalsmith or jewelry maker should be without. Includes helpful information on techniques, tools, materials, creative studio tips, and safety.

Making Metal Jewelry

Price: 14.95

Projects, Techniques, Inspiration No soldering is required to make these metal necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings; they and 39;re cold-connected, or crafted with such easy-to-learn skills as piercing, sawing, riveting, and joining, making them perfect for the beginning jeweler. Yet the results look completely professional. Work with a variety of metals in sheets, wires, and tubes. Create your own chains, ear wires, clasps, and other findings from wire jump rings. Learn metal texturing and finishing techniques such as chasing, etching, and adding a patina. Find out how to make simple settings for pearls, beads, and stones. Then set your creativity free on projects like a Circle Brooch with Thorn Clasp; Layered Cuff Bracelet, and Polka Dot Tube Earrings.

Christmas Tree In-a-box

Price: 14.95

A Sleighful of Christmas Cheer. All the magic and wonder of a real Christmas tree…with no falling needles, dangerous wires, or electricity. In a snap, using this all-inclusive kit, anyone can create a beautiful and festive celebration, all out of paper. It and 39;s perfect for anywhere—a child and 39;s room, the kitchen—and a fun way for anyone to ignite the holiday spirit. The 80-page, full-color Christmasmania. book includes ten lively Christmas carols, a tasty recipe for eggnog, directions for folding five origami ornaments (a candy cane, Santa and 39;s hat, cross, bow, and star) and instructions for assembling the kit and 39;s centerpiece the almost two foot tall Christmas tree. And for more decorative holiday cheer, there are 24 foil boughs, 25 glittery foil ornaments, one spool of silver thread, one gold foil star tree topper, 20 sheets of 6 x 6 origami paper in four vibrant patterns, and a green-flocked box that doubles as a tree stand. Everything and 39;s cut out and ready to go; all you have to do is make merry.

Merry And Bright

Price: 17.95

301 Festive Ideas for Celebrating Christmas Turn every nook and cranny of the house into a sparkling holiday wonderland. Country Living has created a delightful volume filled with hundreds of ideas for creating Christmas beauty everywhere—and it begins with the moment the first boxes of cherished ornaments come out. Every page is breathtaking, with unique color schemes that vary from the traditional red and green; fabulous tree-toppers; and exceptional ornaments, from paper dolls to leather baby shoes. Wreaths and garlands bedeck bed frames, doorknobs, and even hang from chandeliers. There are mantelpiece and tabletop displays with a contingent of Santa figurines, dazzling table and buffet settings, recipes such as chocolate snowflakes, and even some simple crafts—including a silvery cone of jingle bells embellished with a beautifully tied bow. Softcover.

Christmas Origami Book And Gift Set

Price: 9.95

Open this box for a celebration of Christmas…and creativity. Featuring a charming all-in-color project book designed to brighten the holiday season, 50 sheets of festively patterned 6 x 6 origami paper, and one completed miniature tree, it and 39;s the fun, all-in-one way to make unique ornaments, decorations, and presents. Christmas Origami explains all the basic folds and forms up front, and offers 80 pages of seasonal ideas to try, including a gift box, picture frame, snowman, Kris Kringle, reindeer, and sleigh. Make them using the paper adorned with twinkling balls, tiny Santa faces, snowflakes, and wreaths. Anyone can master the techniques, and it won and 39;t be long before you realize that crafting and Christmas go hand-in-hand.

The Craft Of Silversmithing

Price: 17.95

Techniques, Projects, Inspiration Take a fresh look at the ancient craft of silversmithing with 18 projects that teach a solid body of skills. This full-color, comprehensive manual provides artisans with a thorough understanding of silvers properties what it is and how it behaves. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced techniques are explained and then applied to craft amazingly beautiful items, from accessories to wearables and extraordinary gifts. Use brushing, sawing, piercing, and polishing procedures to fashion a simple bud vase. Progress to a baby rattle or candleholder created with soldering, sinking, dapping, and forging techniques. Ultimately youll have the expertise to complete a martini set, lidded container, or teapot. The art of silversmithing has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Goldsmithing And Silver Work

Price: 29.95

Jewelry, Vessels And Ornaments Experience the pleasure of crafting with precious metals, and of using your creativity and skills to produce objects of great beauty. Hundreds of color photographs illustrate the procedures in rich detail, and display a breathtaking assortment of pieces by talented artists. Each innovative project introduces techniques that range from casting, stamping, hand engraving, and electroplating to the more specialized Kum Boo, where sheets of gold are fused with silver to form lovely motifs. Begin with two handsome square rings or a traditional Berber bracelet with delicate filigree, and move on to an elaborate coffee service once basic techniques are mastered. The chapter on gems alone -- featuring the work of Bernd Munsteiner, considered the best gem cutter in the world -- makes this sourcebook invaluable.

Making Metal Beads

Price: 24.95

Techniques, Projects And Inspiration With this comprehensive skill-building guide at hand, jewelers of all levels can craft 30 stunning one-of-a-kind beads in shimmering silver, copper, brass, and other metals. An introduction to metalworking provides the basics, followed by creative design ideas and techniques specific to metal beadwork. Transform commercial beads using simple stamping, chasing, and dimpling. Use cold connections to produce riveted and woven beads from sheet and wire. Roll a simple Crescent Roll Bead, and create variations in the form by using patterned, textured, or hammered sheet metal. Crafters will build a repertoire of skills as they progress, and learn numerous ways to embellish the beads surface and add decorative elements. An extensive gallery of handmade beads provides a wealth of inspiration. A selection of the Crafters Choice Book Club. Pauline Warg has been a metalsmith for 30 years, and has taught at the Manchester Institute of Art, University of New Hampshire, The Jewelry Institute, Maine College of Art, and Metalwerx. She is currently an Artisan Member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths and a member of the Enamelists Society.

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