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Forever Flowers

Price: 99.00

Forever Flowers - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas24" Wide x 32" Tall110% Price Match GuaranteePoppies petals are membrane thin and flutter lightly in the breeze. They bloom for one day and begin to fade. Children love to pick bouquets thinking they are beautiful forever only to have them wilt by the time they are presented to Mother. Good wall art is timeless and this canvas art combines the timelessness of an oil painting with the delicate filmy beauty of the poppy. Its austere simplicity makes the statement, "I am perfect, and I don't need any embellishment". Every little person who picked this bouquet would love to see this oil painting each and every day. The dark background enhances the brightness of the blossoms and each petal shows its transparent quality. The delicate brush strokes and slender stems heighten the ethereal atmosphere of this piece. Whether in the bedroom or corridor, entry hall or a secluded corner in the living room this wall art wil

Simple Flower

Price: 99.00

Simply Yellow - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas24" Wide x 24" Tall110% Price Match GuaranteeThis is contemporary canvas art with an oriental feel. The way the painting frames itself and the simplicity of the design contribute to this. However, the simplicity of the rendering is deceptive. The design has detail and depth using few colors because the brushwork brings out the features of each blossom and grass blade. The cadmium background has a slight variation which gives benign movement like a gentle breeze to the thin stems. The unusual aspect of the bright background with the mute foreground makes this wall art special. The flowers carry a message of tranquility while the bright orange demands to be seen. It is almost as if the blossoms and meadow are content to be within themselves but the surrounding realm will not allow it. Artistically this canvas art has a beautiful contrast and would enhance any space in a private home or public office that could sup

Lavender Flowers

Price: 119.00

Lavender Flowers - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas24" Wide x 36" Tall110% Price Match Guarantee

Falling Flowers

Price: 229.00

Falling Flowers - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas48" Wide x 48" Tall110% Price Match Guarantee

Flower Garden

Price: 99.00

Flower Garden - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas40" Wide x 20" Tall110% Price Match Guarantee

Forbidden Flowers

Price: 275.00

Forbidden Flowers - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas76" Wide x 40" Tall110% Price Match GuaranteeThe lure of the forbidden is always intriguing especially when it is connected to the ephemeral. Flowers are transient visitors at best so this 5 panel canvas art of mysterious and alluring blooms is all the more desirable as it will last a lifetime. Wall art often makes a bold statement and this one is no exception, but with this wall art the difference is the mystery within each bloom. These forbidden flowers promise exotic fragrance and deep thoughts. Everyone who sees them will ponder their meaning and it will be different for each one. They will not only brighten up any room modern or traditional but they will also add a touch of eternity. A living room in a private home could showcase this modern art but a foyer would be ideal as it leaves the viewer a query as they pass by. Many will come later for a second look to see if there are any answers.

Lonely Flower

Price: 299.00

Lonely Flower - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas64" Wide x 48" Tall110% Price Match GuaranteeObjects made by Mother Nature and objects made by man have different styles and project different sensibilities. Lonely Flower is canvas art that portrays the natural in all its symmetrical perfection and poetic fancy in a context of geometric shapes that evoke a man-made environment. In elegant home decor which by its nature is man-made the two harmonize well with a bouquet on a table, or garden through a window. This wall art would grace any room in a private home. A bedroom, living room or family room would benefit from the flower which is enhanced by its straight yet flickering background. The light depicting each shape and shadow finds its glory when it surrounds the flower. This flower may look lonely but that is not the case. It also looks victorious in its reign over the shapes surrounding it that have no other use than to define the flower.

Parchment Flowers

Price: 129.00

Parchment Flowers - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas32" Wide x 32" Tall110% Price Match GuaranteePainting flowers has always been popular and it is easy to understand the reason. Flower painting has a great history. Botanical art has been used since a long time to document various species of flowers. The flowers bloom for a short while, but their essence can be preserved forever in a painting. The wall art of painting flowers is very tricky, as various nuances have to be bared in mind.In the painting "Parchment Flowers", the way light gets caught in various parts of a flower has been observed and depicted in great detail. It gives the painting a 3 dimensional effect and the positioning of the smaller square of flower in the center of the canvas enhances that appeal by manifold. It literally looks like the rose has been painted on an authentic ancient piece of parchment. The calligraphy done in the background adds to the charm immensely. The vines near the base

Flower Mania

Price: 349.00

Flower Mania - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas88" Wide x 64" Tall110% Price Match Guarantee

Flowers On Pearl

Price: 350.00

Flowers On Pearl - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas68" Wide x 40" Tall110% Price Match GuaranteeFlowers on Pearl is very delicate and sophisticated canvas art with gently pressed flowers caught in time. The flowers have kept their color and charm and weave together in an elegant display. They are arranged on a background of hand made paper and the whole effect is infatuating and winsome. This piece of art is not an accident. The blossoms were carefully and lovingly placed there for your enjoyment. This five panel piece would look elegant in the lobby of a women's magazine office. It needs a large area for display because this wall art will dominate wherever it is. These gentle poesies have been preserved forever and look almost like they will crumble if they are touched but in spite of that illusion they can withstand the full light of day and not fade. Gentleness is the mood but the flowers have the power to draw all the attention to them.

Canvas Sunflowers

Price: 119.00

Canvas Sunflowers - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas24" Wide x 36" Tall110% Price Match Guarantee

Flowers of the Earth

Price: 269.00

Flowers of the Earth - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas80" Wide x 32" Tall110% Price Match Guarantee

Vase With Twelve Sunflowers

Price: 199.00

Vase With Twelve Sunflowers - Limited EditionHand-Painted Canvas24" Wide x 36" Tall110% Price Match Guarantee

Stone Flower

Price: 119.00

Stone Flower - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas16" Wide x 48" Tall110% Price Match Guarantee

Golden Flower

Price: 109.00


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