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Green Art

Going Green

Price: 199.00

Going Green - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas48" Wide x 36" Tall110% Price Match GuaranteeGoing Green is very delicate wall art that would enhance and tie together a traditional home decor. It would never clash with natures colors but would add a gentle brightness in any environment. It gives a weightless impression so it is not heavy on your senses. The colorful threads seem to connect the different strands of life and bring them into a harmony of form. The soft green background will blend well with most colors already in a room or antechamber. This canvas art will quietly brighten up any corner in a private residence; it doesn't need to be showcased to serve its purpose. It has gentle confidence because it is good art. It would add a calming interest to a waiting room or office foyer. Wherever it is exhibited the viewer will feel comfortable and it will please for years to come because it is always fresh, never stale.

Melting Green

Price: 189.00

Melting Green - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas70" Wide x 24" Tall110% Price Match Guarantee

Evergreen Avenue

Price: 119.00

Evergreen Avenue - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas24" Wide x 32" Tall110% Price Match Guarantee

Green Lagoon

Price: 249.00


Green Texture Grass

Price: 119.00

Green Texture Grass - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas32" Wide x 32" Tall110% Price Match Guarantee

Mighty Green

Price: 299.00

Mighty Green - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas48" Wide x 40" Tall110% Price Match GuaranteeGreen is the color of the twenty-first century and beyond. The future will be green. This wall art evokes wide open spaces as far as the eye can see. The fence is put away and verdigris rules. From emerald to chartreuse the color is at Mother Nature's mercy and she uses it in a thousand shades. Each one delicately flows into the next in his sward of wall art with the fences rolled up. It will add depth to any area, cool the eye and calm the temper. The hoops give an atmosphere of playfulness so that the overall effect is light hearted but the main atmosphere is soothing. This sophisticated uncluttered canvas art will add calmness to an agitated area such as a hotel lobby or department store entrance way. In a private home it would blend well in a neutral room and support any accent color but preferable sunny yellow or vibrant pink.

Starburst Green

Price: 189.00

Starburst Green - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas48" Wide x 24" Tall110% Price Match Guarantee

Green Giants

Price: 299.00

Green Giants - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas64" Wide x 48" Tall110% Price Match Guarantee

Grazing Green

Price: 239.00

Grazing Green - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas60" Wide x 28" Tall110% Price Match Guarantee

Green Skies Ahead

Price: 249.00

Green Skies Ahead - Limited Production OriginalHand-Painted Canvas72" Wide x 40" Tall110% Price Match Guarantee

Green Art

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