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Character-Building CDs

I Have a Song Set

Price: 44.95

A delightful collection of songs and activities to teach your child about people, nature, seasons, holidays and animals! This set includes all 3 "I Have a Song" CDs, 3 "I Have a Song" activity books and downloadable coloring pages.

Standin' Tall Set

Price: 179.95

This series includes 12 character-building CDs filled with information that will encourage your child to be the best that she can be. The Standin'' Tall Series also comes with 12 entertaining activity books, 2 motivational charts and a CD holder.

Standin' Tall Vol. 10 CD & Book

Price: 15.95

In the Scrubit Land of Clean, washrags and soap are transformed into the musical "Scrubits." As the "Scrubits" teach your child to wash his hair, brush his teeth and keep his fingernails healthy, your child will learn to keep himself clean from head to toe. The Scrubits will even help your child have clean thoughts.

Standin' Tall Vol. 11 CD & Book

Price: 15.95

Take a trip to the zoo where the animals help Mark realize that he is special. Each animal teaches Mark that it's okay to be unique. The hippo feels good about herself even if she's not pretty. The fish learn that even though they all swim the same way, they are each different. The monkeys show Mark that everyone makes mistakes. When Mark sees his reflection in the pond, he realizes that HE is his own special friend--and your child can realize his self-worth too!

Standin' Tall Vol. 12 CD & Book

Price: 15.95

Join Reggie and Kate as they venture into outerspace with Captain Dependable to battle the wicked Professor Un. When the evil Professor unleashes his secret weapon, Procrastination, on Captain Dependable, Reggie and Kate save the day by finding the Do-It-Now Wafers. Helping Captain Dependable defeat Professor Un teaches our young heroes that being dependable really can make a difference. This story and seven fun songs will help your child fight off procrastination and realize the importance of being dependable.

Standin' Tall Vol. 1 CD & Book

Price: 15.95

Journey to the Land of Obey where everyone obeys the rules and things run smoothly. Your child will meet Mr. Did (who did obey) and Mr. Didn't (who didn't obey). Your child will even be able to practice being obedient to directions from parents and teachers. When the children in the story leave the Land of Obey, they see how terrible things can be when rules are broken--like the story of the little piggy who lost his tail.

Standin' Tall Vol. 2 CD & Book

Price: 15.95

The children in this story discover a magical treasure box unlike any other. It doesn't contain jewels and gold, it contains the simple statement, "Whosoever hath honor hath the greatest treasure of all." The children learn that having honor means telling the truth and one child decides to tell the truth all day long. After her baseball breaks mean Mr. Robinson's window, she courageously tells him the truth. Later at school, when her teacher accuses her of cheating on a test, she is given a second chance because of her reputation of honor. When she was given too much change at the bakery, she realizes that though lying sometimes seems easy, one lie just leads to another. She wants to feel good about herself, so she returns the change to the clerk.

Standin' Tall Vol. 3 CD & Book

Price: 15.95

There are many things to learn and many ways to learn them! It's with our feelings we learn to forgive. Your child will join a cast of characters as they pretend to film a movie and act out forgiveness. She will learn the two sides to forgiveness--saying "I'm sorry" if she's done something wrong, and saying "I forgive you" if someone injures her. She'll meet JoAnn, who got a sliver in her leg, and discovered that the only way to feel better was to get the sliver out. She'll see that, like the sliver, the only way to get bad feelings out is to forgive. Because everyone makes mistakes, she'll learn the hardest type of forgiveness--to forgive herself!

Standin' Tall Vol. 4 CD & Book

Price: 15.95

Your child will meet the magic Genie of Work who will teach him what a great thing work can be. The Work Genie explains that work will get rid of boredom and strengthen our bodies. It will boost our spirits and build our appetites. Sometimes work is fun, and sometimes it's not, but it's always good for you. Your child will practice milking a cow, loading a truck, and working in a grocery store. He'll discover that there are many kinds of workers and he can be anything he wants. If he learns to work hard, he'll be a big success!

Standin' Tall Vol. 5 CD & Book

Price: 15.95

Your child's imagination will soar as he embarks on the quest to become a hero. As he slays a dragon, braves the peaks of the Swiss Alps and swims across the ocean, he'll learn that it takes courage to be a hero. He'll find that being courageous is not only being brave and doing something when you're afraid, but it means having the strength to do what is right--even when it means standing up to friends or turning down a dare.

Standin' Tall Vol. 6 CD & Book

Price: 15.95

Meet a little princess who had everything her heart desired, but still wasn't happy. Her nurse and the king try to make her happy by giving her a magic dress and a magic box that contains any toy the princess thinks of.Even with these gifts, the princess is still unhappy.When the princess decides to give away her toys to all the children in the kingdom, she realizes what happiness feels like!Happiness is doing something nice for somebody else!

Standin' Tall Vol. 7 CD & Book

Price: 15.95

Let Mr. Bear and Mr. Badger introduce your child to gratitude. These loveable characters will help her learn that showing gratitude makes others happy and helpful. She'll learn the "Thank You Dance" and watch an ungrateful Mr. Rabbit be transformed into a cheerful, thankful rabbit after the forest animals rescue him from being trapped in the snow. With catchy music and a fun storyline, your child is sure to develop a "gratitude attitude."

Standin' Tall Vol. 8 CD & Book

Price: 15.95

There are many different kinds of love. When the teacher in this story asks her students to draw a picture of love, each picture is unique and represents a different kind of love. Robbie draws a picture of the dog he got for his birthday; Andrea draws a picture of the earth; one child draws a picture of a wedding, another a family photo. These drawings will teach your child that love means caring for others. There's no end to love and when we take care of something, we love it more. Your child will understand that friends are love, families are love and God is love.

Standin' Tall Vol. 9 CD & Book

Price: 15.95

When Heather and Paul help their mother take dinner to a family in need, they experience the joy of serving others. Because they see what fun service can be, they want to serve more. Heather and Paul will introduce your child to many different volunteers--hospital workers, soccer coaches, tutors and crossing guards. Your child will learn the secret of service...the more we serve, the more we love! After listening to these delightful songs and stories, your child will want to showhis love by lending a helping hand and doing something nice each day.

Take Your Hat Off Book & CD

Price: 19.95

These songs are a perfect way to help your child understand what makes the U.S.A. great! This set is an excellent supplement to elementary U.S. History curriculum. Purchase price includes CD and 45-page full-color activity book.

Character-Building CDs

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