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Home Appraisal

Standard Valuation Assessment

Price: 49.99

This home valuation is based on our research of other similar homes in the area that have recently sold. This method is generally regarded as a reliable predictor of a home's value. This evaluation contains the basic elements on which lenders rely to assess home values, and the process does not involve a visual inspection of the home. A licensed real estate agent performs this home valuation.

Enhanced Valuation Assessment

Price: 119.99

This evaluation process includes a visual, exterior inspection of the home. This assessment contains specific inspection details and a review of current market conditions in the area. The process will detail three comparable properties which have recently sold in the area as well as three homes that are currently listed for sale in the area. Inspector remarks may include comments on positive influences which may enhance the marketability of the home. Pictures of the home and the comparable-sold properties are provided with this assessment.

Premium Valuation Assessment

Price: 199.99

This comprehensive assessment utilizes the three comparable sales and three comparable listings approach. Specific valuation adjustments are provided to help you understand how the home's value was determined. This method provides the most detailed, factual representation of values and is the basis for lender valuation processes. Our field representative, a licensed real estate agent, will perform a detailed interior and exterior inspection of the home. The analysis will provide detailed marketability conditions pertaining to the home and the market area in general. A suggested listing price will be provided along with remarks regarding positive steps which could facilitate the sale of the home. Pictures of the home and the comparable-sold properties will be provided.

Fannie Mae 1004 (Uniform Res. Appraisal Report)

Price: 324.99

This home appraisal is the standard documentation used by most lenders for both in-bank lending and the more popular and aggressively priced secondary market loans. It essentially mirrors the Premium Valuation Assessment (PVA). This report, however, includes all the disclosures and licensing requirements to meet lender specifications. In other words, this appraisal can be used by your lender for loan purposes. However, lenders are required to maintain a list of approved appraisers. As an added service for this product, The Karr Group will work with your lender to insure the appraiser used for this evaluation is qualified for their lending policies. This process may involve adding the appraiser to their approved list, which we will coordinate for you. A licensed appraiser performs this home appraisal.

Home Appraisal

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