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Airplane Models

Gee Bee R-2 "Supersportster" Model Kit - 1:48 Scale

Price: 24.98

The Fastest Planes In The World Along with the R-1, the Gee Bee R-2 Supersportster was designed specifically for the 1932 Cleveland Air Races by the Granville Bros. Aircraft Company.

A-10 Thunderbolt - 1:140 Scale

Price: 14.98

The First of its Kind A-10 Thunderbolt Specially Designed for Close-up Support In the late 1960's

B-24H Liberator - 1:72 Scale

Price: 134.98

Most Popular Bomber of WWII B-24H Liberator Longest Range of Any WWII Bomber The B-24 was the most complicated and expensive long-range bomber of its time

U.S. Navy Blimp SP-12 - 1:350 Scale

Price: 17.98

Merchant Marines Best Friend U.S. Navy Blimp SP-12 Lighter Than Air U-Boat. Features: Display Stand Included, Precision Die-Cast Replica, 1:350 Scale Model, 5.50 Inches Long

RAF B-339E Buffalo - 1:48 Scale

Price: 49.98

Features: Sliding Canopy, Display Stand Included, Retractable Landing Gear, Precision Die-Cast Replica, 1:48 Scale Model, 6"" Long

PBY-5 Catalina -1:72 Scale

Price: 89.98

Features: Visible Crew, Display Stand, Rotating Propellers, Fold Down Pontoons, Corgi Limited Edition of 3210, Precision Die-Cast Replica, 1:72 Scale Model, 10.5 Inches Long

Martin RB-57A - 1:72 Scale

Price: 39.98

Model Features Display Stand Included, Top Speed of 582 mph, Twin Wright J65-W-5 Turbojets, 48,000 Foot Ceiling and 2,300 Mile Range, Corgi Numbered Limited Edition of 1600

P26 Peashooter - 1:63 Scale

Price: 15.98

First All Metal Single Wing Fighter P26 Peashooter Small But Feisty. Boeing began development of an all-metal single-wing fighter with an open cockpit and fixed landing gear in 1931.

Normandie - 1:1028 Scale

Price: 24.98

Model Features Comes with Nameplate and Display Case, Precision Diecast Replica, Baked Enamel Finish, 1:1028 Scale Mode, 10 Inches Long

P-61A Black Widow - 1:120 Scale

Price: 17.98

First Ever Night Fighter P-61A Black Widow Committee Made a Camel The P-61 Black Widow is a great example of the old saying that a camel is a horse made by a committee.

Sikorsky Sea King, Boeing-Vertol Chinook, 1:72 Scale

Price: 69.98

A medium lift copter with a 10,000 foot ceiling, it proved valuable for medical evacuations (it could hold 24 stretchers), fire fighting, and search and rescue besides its primary function of transport.

Bell UH-1E Iroquois Huey Gunship - 1:48 Scale

Price: 39.98

The UH-1E was the Marines main assault support helicopter during the Vietnam era. This particular Huey was used at Camp Pendleton as a trainer during the mid-1960s.

Sikorsky Sea King - 1:72 Scale

Price: 39.98

Model Features: Rolling Wheels, Rotating Blades, Opening Side Door, Detailed Cockpit Includes Crew, Precision Die-Cast Replica, 9 Inches Long, 1:72 Scale

U.S. Coast Guard Agusta A109 Power Elite, NYPD Bell 412 Helicopter - 1:48 Scale Models

Price: 34.98

Developed in 1982, 745 Bell 412s have been produced. Model Features Opening Doors, Rotating Propellers, Retractable Wheels, Helicopters Come with Display Cases, Precision Diecast Replica

C-47 Skytrain - 1:144 Scale

Price: 14.98

WWIIs Primary People Mover C-47 Skytrain Built to Army Specifications. With its 2,125 mile range and ability to transport 28 troops or 6,000 lbs. of cargo, the C-47 was the Armys people mover.

Mosquito FB-VI - 1:64 Scale

Price: 19.98

Model Features: Rotating Propellers, Detailed Cockpit and Crew, Comes with Commemorative Display Stand, Precision DieCast Replica, 1:64 Scale Model, 6.50 Inches Long

Airplane Models

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