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Me Pido La Ventana

Price: 13.48

Stand-Up comedy of Andres Lopez

Miami Vice: Season Three

Price: 53.98

Polo shirts with sport with no socks...3 day stubble...and one of the most memorable themes in the history of television! Season 3 of Miami Vice brings you 24 episodes of action as Crockett and Tubbs take on drug traffickers, human traffickers, and the mean streets of Miami. With guest stars like Liam Neeson, and Viggo Mortensen, and a soundtrack featuring Peter Gabriel, Bryan Adams, Iggy Pop, and more. You know you want it..

Evil Roy Slade

Price: 7.18

An all-star cast headlines this hilarious made-for-television movie spoof on the western genre. John Astin (The Addams Family) plays Evil Roy Slade, the meanest villain in the West. The good guys don't have a chance as Evil Roy turns the tables on the classic story of Good triumphing over Evil. Mickey Rooney, Henry Gibson, Edie Adams, Milton Berle, Pat Morita, and many more star in this zany satire.

Dbz Remastered Comp Uncut DVD Box Set Season 07

Price: 39.99

From FUNimation Productions, Inc.! The battle three years in the making is here! It's Goku versus Android 19! Meanwhile, struggling to recover from their fight with the androids, Vegeta, Trunks, Tien, and Piccolo realize a grim truth: unless they can increase their powers quickly, they have no chance against the Android trio! Plus, Bulma makes a disquieting discovery - the wreckage of a second time capsule! Where did it come from, and more importantly, who was in it? Scheduled to ship in November 2008.

Tsubasa DVD Box Set Season 01

Price: 55.99

From FUNimation Productions, Inc.! Join Syaoran and his friends on a journey through the alternate worlds of Cardcaptor, xxxHOLiC, and many more classic CLAMP series', all in the name of Syaoran's single goal: saving Sakura, the princess of Clow, and possessor of a mysterious, misunderstood power that can change the world! Scheduled to ship in November 2008.

Suzuka Vol. 4

Price: 17.98

Yamato and Honoka are dating... somewhat. For a young man blissfully in love, he sure is spending a lot of time with Suzuka! Already bound and determined to screw things up on his own, when Yasunobu adds some racy to the rapture, Honoka's gonna be outta there faster than the Indy 500!

Death Note DVD Box Set 01

Price: 55.99

From VIZ Media! Meet Light Yagami, a brilliant but bored high school student whose life is changed when he finds the Death Note, a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami, or god of death, named Ryuk. When Light discovers that any human whose name is written in the book dies, he vows to use its power to rid the world of evil. But every action has its consequences, and Light soon finds himself in a life and death battle of wits with the mysterious genius detective called L. Humanity itself becomes the battleground to determine what form of justice will prevail! Scheduled to ship in November 2008.

Maria Watches Over Us DVD Box Set Season 02

Price: 39.99

From Right Stuf, Inc.! The spring term is beginning for the students at Lillian Girls' Academy. Friends are reunited, but for the Yamayuri Council, it's a bittersweet time. Yoko, Eriko, and Sei are busy preparing to depart Lillian, while Sachiko, Rei, and Shimako are doing their best to ensure their dear sisters receive a memorable commencement. Soon, Lillian will have new leaders in the Council offices of Rosa Chinensis, Foetida and Gigantea, along with many new faces and budding relationships. Contains the complete 13-episode second season, plus Season 2 'specials' 1-6. Scheduled to ship in November 2008.

Red vs. Blue Reconstruction DVD Vol. 01

Price: 21.59

From Rooster Teeth Productions, Inc.! A gruff sergeant. An unlucky ghost. A psychotic mercenary. A sarcastic slacker. Two morons. A tank. War is hell! Continuing the celebration of Red vs. Blue's fifth anniversary, Rooster Teeth Productions introduces Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction, an original machinima series based on the Halo 3 game engine. Scheduled to ship in November 2008.

Devil May Cry Anime DVD Vol. 03

Price: 21.59

From FUNimation Productions, Inc.! Based on the popular Playstation video game series from Capcom! His name is Dante. Half-demon and half-human, he is charged with ridding the world of the demons that plague it... for the right price! Scheduled to ship in October 2008.

Devil Hunter Yohko Comp Coll DVD Box Set

Price: 23.99

From ADV Films! Demons and devils beware, the sexiest slayer to ever swing a soul-sword is back! Yohko Mano has just learned that she comes from a long line of professional devil hunters. And before she learns how to use her powers, her 16th birthday will turn into a demonic bloodbath and a grueling trial by hellfire! Scheduled to ship in October 2008.

Afro Samurai DVD Spike Version

Price: 9.74

From FUNimation Productions, Inc.! Featuring the voice-acting talents of acclaimed actor Samuel L. Jackson and produced by Studio GONZO (Basilisk, Trinity Blood)! Initially premiering on Spike TV, Afro Samurai is a tale of bloody hardship and pain. Along his solitary path of revenge for his murdered father, he sheds no tears and knows no love. Forever chased by powerful enemies in a lawless technology-speckled dystopia, he evades bullets and blades to reach his final prey: a man who will not die. But Afro will reach his quarry - even if it means painting a road of blood and brains from here to the bitter inevitable end! Scheduled to ship in August 2008."

Disney Treas Chronological Donald Ltd Ed DVD Vol. 04

Price: 26.39

From Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc.! This 2-disc DVD collectible tin features the remaining Donald Duck animated shorts from 1951-1961. Scheduled to ship in November 2008.

Devil May Cry Anime DVD Vol. 01

Price: 21.59

From FUNimation Productions, Inc.! Based on the popular Playstation video game series from Capcom! His name is Dante. Half-demon and half-human, he is charged with ridding the world of the demons that plague it... for the right price! Scheduled to ship in October 2008.

Galaxy Angel X Comp Coll DVD Box Set

Price: 39.98

From Bandai Entertainment, Inc.! The Angel Brigade is at it again and with this new set of adventures comes a brand-new brigade member! During a humanitarian mission, the Angels visit Chitose Karasume, a sick and dying girl, and in an out-of-character move of compassion recruit her! But, after the sympathy wears off, how will the Angels react? Will they be the best of friends or the fiercest of rivals? Both! Scheduled to ship in October 2008.

Naruto Uncut DVD Box Set Vol. 11

Price: 39.99

From VIZ Media! Sasuke has gone to Orochimaru, and Sakura and Naruto are determined to get him back! Jiraiya, concerned they'll act recklessly, persuades Tsunade to send them on an official mission to the Land of Rice Paddies, hoping to discover Orochimaru's hideout. With Jiraiya at their side, can they fail to bring Sasuke back? Then, an escape from a maximum security prison brings Naruto a blast from the past! Mizuki, the teacher who long ago betrayed the Leaf, is on the loose, and Iruka once again joins Naruto in pursuit of the renegade ninja! Scheduled to ship in December 2008.

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